April 21, 2014

Care that you should give to your area V

Just as you take care of your face, hands, hair and other parts of your body, it is equally important that you pay close attention to your ‘zone v’ as well, in addition to feeling more comfortable and safe in your body, you will avoid annoying infections vaginal.

Saba® understands that it is very important for you to take care of this sensitive area of ​​your body, and as experts in the field, you will share some very useful intimate care tips that will help you to have a hygiene in this area.

Wear cotton underwear

The skin of the ‘zone v’ is very delicate and for the same reason it is essential to take care that there is no moisture in it that can cause redness, itching or rashes. Cotton allows the skin to breathe, helping you to counteract the chances of an infection.

Create the habit of using daily protectors

The perspiration and the flow that our ‘v zone’ can produce can cause you to feel uncomfortable, even an infection. The daily protectors remove moisture from your skin, making you feel dry, fresh and comfortable in your day to day. Remember to change them at least 3 times a day.

Wear clothes that are not too tight

Wearing clothes that cause a lot of pressure day after day (ex: skinny jeans, bodysuits, etc.) will only cause a higher temperature in your ‘zone v’, which favors the appearance of bacteria and fungi due to the lack of ventilation of your skin . It is advisable to find a balance in your daily outfits by using leggings, skirts or pants more frequently.

Change your towel frequently

Although each body is different and each girl has their own characteristics during their period according to their body, it is advisable to change them every 4 hours to avoid infections in your private parts.

Saba® towels are the only ones with an internal anatomical system that molds differently back and forth, so you can be sure that your towel will fit your body. They also have soft cover and aloe vera to care for the skin of your area V.

Before changing your towel, daily protector or tampon wash your hands

This is super important! Remember that minute after minute you are in constant contact with your cell phone, public transport, railings and other things that contain bacteria. The last thing you want is for them to reach your ‘zone v’, so wash your hands very well before coming into contact with it.

Keep your hygiene with intimate soap

The ‘v zone’ being an acidic area, is not compatible with neutral or perfumed soaps. That is why it is essential that you use intimate soaps … These are designed to prevent odors, moisturize and mainly do not alter the balance of your pH.

After cleaning with toilet paper, use intimate wipes

This will eliminate perspiration, bacteria and waste from your ‘zone v’. In addition to that you will feel much fresher and cleaner.

After exercising, clean your ‘zone v’

If you went to the gym, to run or did any other activity that caused you to perspire more than usual, take the time to clean your ‘zone v’ with great care and delicacy. Similarly, use intimate wet wipes to prevent chafing or hurting it. Do not forget to always do it from front to back and not the other way around.

With these Saba® tips you will feel much more confident and you will be able to enjoy your femininity 100% without worrying about anything other than being yourself.